A sacred club for women ready to heal their body, mind and soul in order to live a life of purpose with more ease and flow.

The Soul & Wealth Club
by Vanessa Grutman 

Introducing The Soul & Wealth Club
by Vanessa Grutman 


The intention of this club is to offer a safe space where you can tap into the energy of possibilities once a month to create aligned actions and momentum in your life, business and relationships.


to be supported on your journey back to you.

More energy. More heart. More wealth.
 around the topics of:

Expect teachings and potent activations

Healing the physical body, emotional self and soul

Creating wealth from a place of soul alignment

Biohacking, health optimization and longevity

Harmonizing feminine and masculine energy for more flow and results

Letting go of old stories that are keeping you stuck in fear and inertia

Reconnecting with your power and becoming unapologetic

and so much more


Your Membership

1 x Monthly 2-hour virtual group retreat led by Vanessa Grutman*

A private online community of like-minded women to deepen the work. This will be monitored by Vanessa herself (this is where you can ask her your questions)

1 x recorded activation every month to anchor the teachings of that month 

* Will be hosted on Fridays - dates will always be given 2 months ahead, replays will be loaded to the secure portal so you can access it anytime.


Modulate Your Experience

1:1 Holistic Coaching sessions to help with overcoming fatigue, hormone disregulation, gut imbalances, body toxicity, nervous system agitation, sleep patterns and more. Your Holistic Coach will formulate a personalized plan to help level up your lifestyle and keep you accountable.

Take your membership to the next level and get next-level results:

At-Home Functional Lab Testing: we believe that sometimes data can help take the guessing out of it and save us time in your healing journey. That’s why we offer the option to add at-home state-of-the-art labs such as hormones, gut, heavy metals, food intolerances, mold and more.

These services are provided by the experienced Holistic Coaches in Vanessa’s team

While always being passionate for health, she spent the last decade building a successful 7-figure business in the skin health industry. She sold and exited this business in 2023 and is now fully dedicated to her coaching practice, which grew exponentially, reaching close to 7 figures in its first 12 months of life.

Awarded Coach of the Year in 2023, Vanessa is a Certified Integrated Health Practitioner, Kinesiologist and successful entrepreneur dedicated to supporting women in reclaiming their energy and reconnecting with their true innate power for infinite abundance.
Vanessa Grutman

She walked through her first experience as an entrepreneur deeply rooted in her masculine energy, fuelled in hustling, wanting to be busy, hitting big goals and crushing her daily to-do list, despite birthing 2 children. It definitely worked, until it didn’t. After spending thousands of dollars on biohacking tips & tricks and trying to "fix" herself, she realized she had to take responsibility for her own healing and decided to get certified as a health coach.

She is now devoted to showing women how to get away from the trap of hustle to re-align their life's purpose with their unique gifts and create a life of abundance with more flow. As a strong brand builder, she understands the power that personal branding and online presence plays in magnetizing with ease ideal clients and building an authentic business that brings financial abundance.

Through this work, she reconnected with her body, her worth, her stories and her emotions to not only heal from burnout but like a phoenix, rise from the ashes.
Her unique coaching approach encompasses her decade of experience as an entrepreneur, team leader, spiritual junkie, biohacker and holistic health guru to help her clients not only heal but transform deeply. 
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Monthly Subscription

3 months minimum

3-Month Membership

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Pricing Option

12-Month Membership

$222 USD/month
$626 USD
$2,222 USD
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Since working with Vanessa, I feel more aligned with myself: not only more confident in my overall choices but better connected with my inner self. Vanessa is positive, available, organized and always takes the time to explain everything so that I feel empowered in making better decisions. Thank you!


Deciding to work with Vanessa was THE best gift I gave to myself. She is a great listener and she gave me all the tools I needed to reach my goal of being a better version of myself. I feel great, more energy, more focused and especially I now know that I am equipped to keep going for the long haul. Thanks Vanessa for being there for me.


You make me vibrate so high. Your passion from day one of your business is SO magnetic and it's no wonder you got here quickly. Watching you transform was so natural but at the same time I can SEE how much work you put in…but it’s not just the work, it’s the worthwhile work that is adding such tremendous value to your clients lives. I largely account my rapid progression in a totally new industry to your work with me. I can’t thank you enough for believing in your mission and yourself to share this with the world. 


What CLIENTS have to say about VANESSA'S APPROACH:

Women are designed to heal and rise together. 
This is the place you’ve been craving.
This is the room you need to be in to reach new levels of transformation.


Your Sisterhood

This secret place where you can rediscover yourself while being supported.
The Soul & Wealth Club is