A program for lightworkers and women wanting to create conscious social content and elevate their online brand presence to amplify their impact.

- Remember your true nature to unveil your effortless charisma.
- Influence in an authentic way to attract your ideal clients. 
- generate sales that flow with no hard push.
- be the light and inspire your clients to transform their own lives.

You landed here for a reason.
Your soul is ready.

Influence is a

I used to hate people calling me an "influencer". Until I decided to change my mindset about it. I realized it actually was a superpower for me, my community and my business. I believe it's a privilege to have a platform where I can share my voice...however, it is a privilege for as long as you use it properly and with integrity. 



The Social Soul is a 6-module intensive program designed to shift your mindset around social platforms so you can show up authentically and generate sales effortlessly.

With the increase presence of artificial intelligence (AI), it's easy to feel discouraged about the online world. It feels so saturated, what could I add that hasn't already been said?

The reality is the world is ready for

a new era

The era where we all crave truth and authenticity which far surpasses what AI can truly do.

It's time to share your gifts and show who you truly are, not to feel seen but rather to help the world become a better place.

Starting a new online business;

This intensive program is for you 

if you are

Having an online brand comes with a responsibility that can feel daunting at times.

What to post? What to say? What will others think? Am I too much? Am I using my platform in an optimal way? Are my messages clear? Am I adding value? Am I holding back anywhere? 

a new era • a new era • a new era •
What an exciting time to have an ONLINE BRAND!

Wanting to grow an existing business through the power of social credibility and online presence;

Wanting to feel excited again about sharing your soul's purpose.

In The Social Soul you will uncover how to unleash your creativity, upgrade your mindset towards social media and offer value to your audience in a conscious and authentic way. 

Become an online leader that sets the

new standards

With her experience building a 7-figure business with a brand so powerful that it was sold and her new current venture that relies primarily on social media for impact and growth, Vanessa will show you where you need re-alignement.

Social media doesn't have to be scary. With intentionality and a clear vision, it can in fact become one of your strongest asset. 

This program will be delivered over 6 x 90-minute modules and will include time to ask questions and get group coaching with Vanessa.

Enter Vanessa's vortex

in this intensive program to level up your presence online.
meet vanessa • meet vanessa •

Discover how to leverage social media daily to connect with your ideal clients and increase your sales;

Understand the online opportunities and the current choices you have for more impact (ie. social media, podcast, videos, youtube, etc);

Revisit your fear of the spotlight so you can shine fully and unapologetically;

Build a refreshed relationship with social platforms so you can rise online;

During THE social soul, you can expect to:

Break the fear of going live! Become a pro at live streams;

Master the art of story telling to captivate your audience and write posts authentically;

Polish your online presence and image for the right impact;

Learn to communicate in a stronger, clearer way online;

Understand the basic functionalities of Instagram and Facebook to ensure an aesthetic pleasing experience for your prospective clients.

Discover the different supportive softwares that will allow you to be more efficient and not waste your time online;

Become an influencer of the new world: 

authentic, impactful, with integrity and true commitment.

This intensive program has been created to help you shift your mindset and level your online presence so you can serve a larger audience and magnetize more financial abundance.

Online challenges after each module to allow you to apply the knowledge immediately and start shifting your online presence

6 x 90-minute modules led by Vanessa

Private online community to hold the energy and accountability. This supportive container will be a safe place to practice and be accountable

Access to the replays until December 31, 2024.

What you'll get as part of this experience:

1 x 90-minute BONUS module for Q&A and hot seat coaching

Choose a pricing option

One-time payment


(1 x $888 USD)

Split pay

PAY IN two separate PAYMENTs OF $477 USD

(2 x $477 USD)

* Introductory price valid until Friday, May 3rd 2024. Regular price $888 USD.

The schedule is purposefully designed in an intensive way to create enough momentum that will get you to take action during the program.

We will meet accordingly: 
  • Module 1: Tuesday May 7 at 11am PST / 2pm EST
  • Module 2: Friday May 10 at 9am PST / 12pm EST
  • Module 3: Tuesday May 14 at 11am PST / 2pm EST
  • Module 4: Friday May 17 at 9am PST / 12pm EST
  • Module 5: Tuesday May 21 at 11am PST / 2pm EST
  • Module 6: Thursday day May 23 at 9am PST / 12pm EST

1-week integration & catch-up week
  • Bonus Q&A: Friday June 7 at 9am PST / 12pm EST

When will this program be delivered?

Being a Social Soul to me means how to create conscious authentic content while staying in integrity. Therefore the teachings will apply to any platform of authority (ie. podcast, newsletter, captions, blog, etc).

Will this program only focus on social media? 

Absolutely! Although catching the modules live will allow you to be in the energy of the group, catching the replays will also provide a powerful experience. The replays will be posted in a private portal and available to watch immediately after so you don't miss a beat. The content that will be presented will be timeless and you actually might want to watch it more than once.

If I can't attend the lives, is it still worth it for me to join?

YES! In fact whether you are a seasoned social media user or just starting your personal brand, the teachings offered will help upgrade your mindset so you get excited again by the opportunity to connect and magnetize your ideal audience. The goal is to create something that will showcase the authentic YOU so that being on social media and generating leads and sales from it becomes effortless.

I'm new to social media and wanting to build my online presence, will this program help me?